Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Learn how to transform and manage your customer experience through customer journey mapping.

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop perfect for design, research, and product teams that want to level-up their skill set, need a methodology refresher, or are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of their customers’ experience and are unsure of the right next steps.

Customer Journey Mapping is a powerful systems design tool that exposes the complexity of your customers’ experience across all touchpoints in a way that is easy to understand. It is a human-centered, insight driven tool that allows businesses to uncover major pain points, make a plan for how to improve and identify new product and/or service opportunities. It can help you demystify the Current-State Journey and envision the Ideal-State Journey. Learn the power of visually representing this journey for stakeholder buy-in and transforming your customer experience.

You’ll walk away with...

1. Tools to outline your customers’ journey based on user research.

2. How to envision and innovate future customer experiences.

3. How to foster team empathy for your customers.

4. A tailored action plan and next steps for your team to tackle after the workshop.

5. How to gain stakeholder buy-in and prioritize improvement initiatives.