Design Thinking

Create innovative solutions for your most complex business, company culture, and policy problems through design thinking.

In this workshop your team will learn the principles behind Design Thinking and how to apply it to business problems, policy issues, company culture, etc. If we try to solve the same problem with the same, traditional methods that we have always used you can expect similar results. If your organization, business is struggling with how to get more business, tackle an organizational problem from a new perspective than this workshop is for you. Design Thinking is a way of solving hairy, complex problems, without clear goals and many stakeholders by using human centered design methods and applying them to out-of-the-box issues. In this workshop your team will learn how to define a problem and goals, apply user research methods to uncover important insights, and how to synthesize findings to create innovative solutions. This workshop is perfect for teams who are familiar with design and research methods, or for business teams with no prior experience. This is a training workshop that will give your team the tools it needs to start solving your toughest problems.

If you are interested in tackling a specific problem and having Outwitly create a solution for you, please see our services page and contact us with your needs. We are happy to set up a strategy workshop where we facilitate, do the research, and provide a set of solutions.

You’ll walk away with...

1. The 5 step design thinking process as set out by the Standford Design School.

2. A toolkit of design thinking methods that can be applied to your business problems.

3. Empathy for your team, users, and customers.

4. Next steps to bring to your organization.