What if our product is well established? Will North Star Principles help?

Yes! North Star Principles were developed exactly for this. No matter where you are in your product development process, or the number of products/apps/etc. you have out in the world – North Star Principles can help your team pause, reflect, and create a more strategic approach to a consistent user experience.


I’m the only UX designer or researcher at our company, is this workshop for me?

Absolutely. This workshop is for any UXer, Front-end engineer, or Product Manager who is passionate about improving their processes, and wants to have a more strategic impact at their company. These North Star Principles (NSPs) are easy to implement no matter the size of your team. This workshop is actionable and you’ll walk away knowing the exact steps for hosting your own workshop, what activities to conduct with your stakeholders, who to invite to the workshop, how to create NSPs, and most importantly how to use them to drive design decisions, feature roadmapping, etc.


Can we hire Outwitly Inc. to conduct a personalized North Star Principles workshop for our team?

Yes! We love to work with clients to uncover their unique North Star Principles and help them apply the principles to their products and services, plan their roadmap, and generate company-wide enthusiasm. Contact us and we'll be happy to set up a call.


Do you offer any online training on this topic?

Not yet, but we’re hoping to have an online offering in the next few months. Sign up below if you would like to receive news specific to North Star Principles and related online training.