Put an end to countless feature iterations, shifting priorities, design by committee, and team frustration. 

This is a hands-on workshop perfect for UX, Product, and Management teams who are looking to clarify the goals for their company, products, and services. 

Whether redesigning an existing application, creating new digital products and services, or simply adding new features, it becomes a struggle for companies to maintain a consistent vision across all of their customer touchpoints. The result can sometimes be a series of products, apps, websites, etc. with mismatched styles, purposes, and priorities. By creating a set of North Star Principles™ we are able to create more unity and direction among stakeholders, designers, and product development teams to ultimately ensure that the user experience is consistent and delightful across all platforms and touchpoints.

You'll walk away with...

+  Tools to create North Star Principles™ for your company
+  Strategies and tactics to gain stakeholder buy-in
+  Ways to make a company/product vision “sticky” and memorable
+  Feature roadmapping and prioritization with a vision
+  How to make product and design decisions using the principles