UX Impact Workshop

Increase your circle of influence at work and transform how your clients, superiors, and team members view the power of user-centered design and research.

As UX professionals, we understand the impact design and research can have on many areas of our organization, beyond project work. However, we sometimes fail to communicate this vision to our clients, or the decision-makers inside our own organization. Organizations can often fall into the pattern of viewing designers as “monkey-workers”, just designing what they are told, not involving the UX teams early enough in the product development process and as a result designers have to fight tooth and nail to have their voices heard, and deal with endless revisions because the goals were never clear. This workshop is perfect for design and research teams who feel under-appreciated at work, want to have a larger impact and focus on doing great user-centered design instead of office politics. In UX Impact we will assess your organization’s UX maturity and readiness for change, as well as core strategies to scale the importance of design within your organization.

You’ll walk away with...

1. UX maturity model of your organization.

2. Core strategies and tools to change the hearts and minds of your clients, superiors, and team members.

3. How to foster empathy for the people you work with.

4. A step-by-step action plan for changing your organization to becoming more user focused and design oriented from the inside.