Corporate Training Workshops

We'll come to your office and elevate your team's skills or give your product the boost it needs.

Outwitly’s training workshops are ideal for teams in the user experience (UX) and product design space, business and government teams who want to innovate their user, customer, employee, or citizen experience, as well as teams who are completely new to UX and would like to learn how to integrate UX/CX practices and processes into their organization. These workshops will help you re-energize your team while providing actionable ways to understand the people behind your services and products and ultimately transform how your organization does business.


Customer Journey Mapping

Understand your customers' experiences through all the ups and downs they face with your organization. 

Design Thinking

How to use design thinking to create innovative solutions for your most complex business, culture, and policy problems.

UX Essentials

New to UX? Learn the basics of UX design, user research, prototyping, and testing.

UX impact

Transform how your clients, superiors, and team members view the power of design and research. 

We deliver premium workshops

Outwitly's training workshops are tailored to your business' needs and team skill level. We work with our clients to ensure each workshop addresses a particular problem and provide actionable next steps for how to apply what you learned after the workshop ends. These workshops offer a great team bonding experience, foster collaboration and learning, and breed new ways of thinking. We come to you and bring with us large wall print outs, worksheets and handouts to keep, a presentation your team can always access, as well as post-its, sharpies, and good old fashioned fun!

Workshop details:

  • 1 dayworkshop

    Workshops are held at your office. Ask about off-sites.

  • 5-20participants

    Larger groups can be accomodated upon request.

  • $5k*starting cost

    *Varies based on deliverables, customization, and class size.

Who are the workshops for?

  • UX Designers and Researchers

    Who want to hone their UX skills and learn new tools and methods (check out the Customer Journey Mapping and Design Thinking workshops).

  • Product Managers

    Who are familiar with UX, but want to understand how to start integrating UX processes with their team (Check out the UX Essentials workshop).

  • Design Managers and Directors

    Who feel a lack of appreciation or understanding of design and research in your organization and would like to create change (UX Impact).

  • Business Teams

    Who are looking to bring new ways of thinking to their organization and create innovative product and services, change company culture, or optimize processes (check out the Design Thinking and UX Essentials workshops)

Contact us to schedule a workshop!

Not ready for a group workshop at your office? We occasionally hold public workshops. Sign up to let us know what you are interested in and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming events.