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 Find your inner creative and co-create a bold future with us.


Re-energize your team, creatively find solutions to complex problems, and better understand your customers with one of our workshops. Outwitly’s design-thinking remote and in-person workshops are tailored to meet your specific challenges and help you envision (and realize!) an ideal future state for your organization, as well as drive innovation and foster stakeholder alignment.



 Featured Workshops

Not sure where to start? Browse our favourite high-value workshops. For teams that want to learn how to use powerful service design skills, we also offer Design Methods training on many different topics. Just ask us. If you don’t see the workshop you need, contact us and we’ll create a custom remote or live workshop that’s right for you.


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Strategic Alignment

Get clarity and move forward with purpose.
Juggling different perspectives, opinions, and agendas can bring projects and teams to a standstill. In an Alignment Workshop we use change management and design-thinking tactics to align key stakeholders, staff, executives, and cross-functional teams around a common goal. We’ll help you air out issues, identify challenges, and develop priorities to focus your team with enthusiasm and excitement. Get everyone on the same page so that your organization can confidently move forward.


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Future Vision

Get excited! Create a tactical vision for your organization.
To achieve your goals, you need a clearly articulated vision. In our Future Vision Workshop, we’ll identify what’s working today and what needs to change, and envision a better future. Together, we’ll develop a big-picture vision and a set of North Star Principles to guide your team, projects, and work efforts. Using creative and collaborative exercises like vision storyboarding and future-state journey mapping, we’ll enable you to visualize an ideal future for your organization in a concrete and actionable way.




Collaboratively discover solutions with design thinking.
Do you have a complex challenge that you can’t seem to solve? In our Co-Design workshop, we’ll design solutions with you and your stakeholders, end-users, and team using creative brainstorming and ideation exercises. Whether it’s a business, policy, culture, or creative challenge––through collaboration, we’ll develop design concepts and test ideas quickly to identify the best solutions that target and resolve your toughest problems.


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Design Methods Training

Build design capacity and unlock new skills.
We offer interactive service design and UX training, where you and your team will learn to use the latest innovative design and research methods to apply to your next project. This includes powerful storytelling tools like journey mapping, service blueprints, and user personas, as well as techniques like brainstorming and rapid prototyping. We’ll tailor each training session to your team’s specific needs.


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 Feeling stuck? Our workshops will propel you forward.

Our workshops are in high demand, with many clients returning year after year. Here’s why you should invest in an Outwitly workshop.


Engaging and Fun
Outwitly’s facilitators are dynamic and sociable, and they work hard to lead fun and productive exercises that are tailored to the challenges your organization is actually facing.


Your time is valuable, and we get that. We know what it means to take a VP or director away from the office for a day. Outwitly workshops are productive and high-value. They are structured so that by the end of the day, we’ve identified clear outcomes and actionable results. You’ll know what you need to do next the minute you get back to the office.


Bright Spaces, Good Food
We take care of the planning so you don’t have to. When needed, we’ll rent the space, book catering, buy supplies, and manage participant invitations. We view our design workshops as full experiences that deserve light, creative spaces and tasty refreshments (with lots of coffee and tea).


Long-Lasting Results
After, we’ll send you a beautifully-rendered report and design artifacts packed with insights and recommendations from the workshop. This takes us under two weeks to put together, and all deliverables are professionally copyedited and ready to send to upper management.


Remote? No Problem.
Sometimes in-person workshops are simply not possible. We can deliver all workshops using digital tools and remote technology. We’ll bring your team together, wherever they may be.

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