We find human insights and paths of action to create value for our clients.

Our team at Outwitly are experts in human-centered design approaches to innovation. We are strong believers in the power of understanding users and stakeholders to uncover their needs and goals, while employing creative and collaborative design methods to envision bold change.

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Hire UX pros. Access seasoned design and research professionals.

We offer fast and reliable staff augmentation in UX and service design.

We are designers finding designers.

With over a decade of experience as designers and researchers ourselves, we know how to filter through the noise, false credentials, and resume padding to find you highly-skilled resources in UX design, UX research, service design, and more.

Trust us. Design is what we do.

Not a UX expert?
We’ve got this.

Struggling to find the perfect candidate in this competitive market? Here are the top challenges you’re likely facing, and why you might be ready for expert help.

  • Wasted time and effort.
    Countless hours spent reviewing resumes and interviewing the wrong candidates.
  • Unsure which skill sets you need.
    Understanding the many facets of UX design, UI design, product design, design research, and service design, can be… daunting!
  • Recruiters send sub-par profiles.
    Recruiters looking for UX Designers don’t have the expertise to find qualified candidates.
  • Running out of time.
    You don’t have the time to stay on top of your next feature release, let alone time for recruiting.

Skip the struggle. Trust the professionals.

Stop wasting time interviewing, reading resumes, and trying to interpret whether a candidate actually has the skills or not. Outwitly Staffing will provide you with:

  • Access to a network of over a thousand highly qualified, senior-level design and research professionals for your next project.
  • Expert guidance on what skills and experience will best fit your organization.
  • Candidates who are pre-qualified and vetted by senior UX professionals.
  • Talented and available candidates within two weeks*.

*Assuming no additional security clearances, relocation, or special requirements are needed.

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“Through our partner Outwitly, we’ve found amazing and talented people that allowed us to execute our client projects.”

– Jen, VP of User Experience (Healthcare Partner)

What types of
roles do we staff?

Depending on your needs, we staff both part- and full-time contractors in the following roles:

  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • UX Researchers
  • Service Designers
  • Design Strategists
  • Design Researchers
  • Innovation & Foresight Strategists (be future-proof!)
  • Unicorns and T-Shaped Designers
Aday Headshot

Meet Ayomide

Senior Service Designer

Aday is a Nigerian-born, Ontario-based service designer.

Meet Amy

Senior UX Researcher

Amy is a Service Designer with a specialty in User Experience Research.

Meet Chinedum

UX/UI Designer

Chinedum Achebe, also known as Nedu, is a talented UX & UI Designer.

Meet Kristin

Director of Strategic Design

Kristin is a leader in Design Strategy with 16 years experience across design, organizational strategy, and complex program management roles, spanning the public, private, and non-profit sectors across the US, Canada, and Finland.

Meet Janine

Experience Designer and UX Researcher

Janine is a UX Designer with a background in Industrial Design.

Meet Sara

CEO, Founder

Sara Fortier is a design strategist and CEO/founder of Outwitly Inc.

At Outwitly, we are continually accepting applications for Independent Contractors in UX Design & UX Research, UI/Visual Design, Design Research, Design Strategy, Service Design, and Project Management to assist us with private and public sector client work.

Working with us is fast and simple.

We have consultants and resources ready to fit your unique needs. We can staff most projects within two weeks of our initial staffing call, and you can skip the long hours spent searching, interviewing, and questioning. Working with us is simple.

  • Assess Needs
  • Search & Vetting
  • Review Profiles
  • Meet & Greets
  • Selection & Paperwork
  • Onboarding & Support

Outwitly Inc. is a woman-owned and operated corporation committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Over 70% of our team members are women and 54% are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC)

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