We find human insights and paths of action to create value for our clients.

Our team at Outwitly are experts in human-centered design approaches to innovation. We are strong believers in the power of understanding users and stakeholders to uncover their needs and goals, while employing creative and collaborative design methods to envision bold change.

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Find your inner creative and co-create a bold future with us.


Re-energize your team, creatively find solutions to complex problems, and better understand your customers with one of our workshops. Outwitly’s design-thinking remote and in-person workshops are tailored to meet your specific challenges and help you envision (and realize!) an ideal future state for your organization, as well as drive innovation and foster stakeholder alignment.

Public Workshops

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Feeling stuck? Our workshops will propel you forward.

Our workshops are in high demand, with many clients returning year after year. Here’s why you should invest in an Outwitly workshop.

  1. Engaging and Fun
    Outwitly’s facilitators are dynamic and sociable, and they work hard to lead fun and productive exercises that are tailored to the challenges your organization is actually facing.
  2. Action-Oriented
    Your time is valuable, and we get that. We know what it means to take a VP or director away from the office for a day. Outwitly workshops are productive and high-value. They are structured so that by the end of the day, we’ve identified clear outcomes and actionable results. You’ll know what you need to do next the minute you get back to the office.
  3. Bright Spaces, Good Food
    We take care of the planning so you don’t have to. When needed, we’ll rent the space, book catering, buy supplies, and manage participant invitations. We view our design workshops as full experiences that deserve light, creative spaces and tasty refreshments (with lots of coffee and tea).
  4. Long-Lasting Results
    After, we’ll send you a beautifully-rendered report and design artifacts packed with insights and recommendations from the workshop. This takes us under two weeks to put together, and all deliverables are professionally copyedited and ready to send to upper management.
  5. Remote? No Problem.
    Sometimes in-person workshops are simply not possible. We can deliver all workshops using digital tools and remote technology. We’ll bring your team together, wherever they may be.

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