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Outwitly Inc. has been providing outstanding user experience (UX) and service design to clients across North America since 2016. Founded on a decade of experience in design and research — the Outwitly team are experts in human-centered approaches to innovation. We are deeply committed to helping you create better products and services for the people that matter most.

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​​We use human-centered design to understand your challenges, improve your customer experience, and reimagine your products and services.

What we do
  • UX Research & UX Design

    Reduce the risk of launching new features and products with UX research by understanding HOW and WHY people use your applications. 

    Plus, build innovative products and services, delight your users, AND save money on development cycles with our world-class UX design. We design for mobile, tablet, responsive web, desktop, IOT, and more.

  • Service Design

    Improve customer satisfaction and reduce support calls by deeply understanding your customers and their journey. Service design will help you uncover your biggest customer pain points, find new opportunities, and optimize your business processes.

    We utilize design research and systems thinking to understand how a service is delivered “behind-the-scenes” and what isn’t working for your customers and employees. Then, we help you design a better future!

  • UX Staff

    Stop wasting time interviewing. Find the right candidate the first-time and feel secure knowing they have the experience to get the job done well.

    We have the expertise and qualifications to find the best UX designers, UX researchers, and service designers for your next project. We provide our clients with quick and easy access to our network of over 1000 highly-skilled designers and researchers.

  • Co-Design

    Find your vision, align your team, and generate solutions with design thinking! Our co-design workshops and packages will help you and your team understand your customer needs, solve complex business challenges, and create a plan for innovation. 

    We also offer UX and service design training for teams and individuals wanting to build design capacity in house.

Access top-tier talent in UX design, UX research, and service design.

Our Work

We have executed and staffed UX and service design projects for the following diverse organizations:

Vendors of record for:

Other out-of-this-world clients include private sector businesses and organizations in technology, healthcare, education, finance, and media. Plus, Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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Redesigning a Public Sector Intranet and Employee Experience
Digitally Transforming the Future of Heritage Preservation
Making the Journey for Child and Spousal Support More Human
Reimagining the Adult Education Experience
Co-creating the Future of e-Learning in Canada

Redesigning a Public Sector Intranet and Employee Experience

Outwitly worked with a Crown Corporation to streamline and modernize its intranet web portals (used by 5,000 employees) in order to create a single point of access with a more discoverable, shareable, and engaging user experience for staff. We helped our client move from 8 disparate internal systems down to one.

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Digitally Transforming the Future of Heritage Preservation

Outwitly worked with a national cultural heritage institution as they shifted towards using new digital tools and processes to properly and efficiently acquire and preserve heritage artifacts. We created service blueprints of the current disjointed processes and worked with our client to create a streamlined future-state.

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Making the Journey for Child and Spousal Support More Human

Outwitly was engaged over 10 months to improve the customer experience of an online government service for citizens seeking child or spousal support, provide recommendations for its reinvention, and lead its complete redesign. Our task was to reduce manual processes with automated/efficient systems, reduce call volume, improve case load, and improve user experience by providing meaningful case information to citizens in an easy-to-access and modern online portal.

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Reimagining the Adult Education Experience

Outwitly engaged with a provincial department of advanced education to transform the delivery of adult education using human-centered design. Our job was to understand current learner pathways and needs, including challenges faced by education service providers, and seek new opportunities for innovation in the current system to inform a clear and consistent program model.

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Co-creating the Future of e-Learning in Canada

Outwitly partnered with Employment and Social Development Canada’s Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (OLES) to facilitate a co-design workshop experience where participants generated concepts for a holistic eLearning solution. This solution would offer consistent essential skills assessment and learning resources to help jobseekers, workers, and employers across the country.

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quotation marks

I will always give Outwitly 5 gold stars. I have enjoyed working with their UX team and appreciate their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. I can’t wait to work with them again!

Senior IT Professional, Federal Crown Corporation

It was a real pleasure to work with Outwitly. They created an excellent report and there will be many positives to follow from this.

Senior Project Officer, Federal Government Office

I showed the app Outwitly created to our Deputy Minister… She was thrilled with how nice it looked and the simple layout of information. She is excited for how useful the clients will find the new service.

Executive Director, Provincial Government Department

The project is gaining momentum and we’ve begun introducing changes. We refer to our personas often! Working with Outwitly was a wonderful experience.

– Director, Department of Adult Education

The workshop put on by Outwitly was incredible and very worthwhile. We look forward to more discussions and opportunities to work together in future!

Manager, George Brown College

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