We find human insights and paths of action to create value for our clients.

Our team at Outwitly are experts in human-centered design approaches to innovation. We are strong believers in the power of understanding users and stakeholders to uncover their needs and goals, while employing creative and collaborative design methods to envision bold change.

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Reduce risk. Design exceptional user experiences.

We will redesign your desktop, responsive web, and mobile applications through UX research, and UX/UI design.

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Delight your users.

We’ll work with you from the early stages of product definition and conduct user research so you can understand what your users really need, and guide your team all the way through to the complete redesign of your application or digital service. Let’s make your vision a reality.

Make the right move. Hire UX pros.

Don’t let your customers walk into the open arms of the competition. Here are the TOP CHALLENGES you’re likely facing and why you might be ready for expert help.

  • Losing customers. Customer expectations are higher than ever, so if your product is hard to use, customers may abandon it for the competition.
  • High volume of customer support calls. Your customer or IT support team is experiencing a high volume of calls/emails, which costs the company more money.
  • Your service involves too many manual processes, which frustrates your users and employees.
  • Your design team is drowning in work and you need more personnel or UX expertise.

Empower your business decisions with UX research.

Stop guessing. Start asking. Get to know your users and customers through UX research and find out what they really need, so you can….

  • Understand your users at a deeper level and build products they love.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for feature and product innovation.
  • Make proactive business decisions, NOT reactive decisions.
  • Ensure your product is easy-to-use with usability testing.
  • Reduce the risk of new feature and product launches.

Access 10+ years of industry expertise.

With 10+ years of experience in UX/UI design, UX research, and agile development methodologies our team of UX professionals will put together the perfect action plan for reaching your goals. Here’s what we can do…

UX Research
  • Discovery & Co-Design Workshops
  • User Interviews, Diary Studies, & Observations
  • Task-Based User Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Heuristic Evaluations & UX Audits
  • Usability Testing
UX/UI Design
  • Use Case Development & Prioritization
  • User Flows & Storyboards
  • Information Architecture
  • Concept Design & Wireframes
  • UX Prototyping
  • Visual Design & Design Libraries
Agile Planning & Support
  • Feature Roadmapping
  • User Story Development
  • Scrums, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives, and more.

Transform your product with great UX design.

Better user experience will reduce frustrating support calls, help you modernize your business processes, and increase customer retention. This investment will make your customers happy they found you.

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“Every $1 that’s invested in UX returns $100.
This is equal to a return of 9,900%.”

– Forrester

Redesigning a Public Sector Intranet and Employee Experience
Making the Journey for Child and Spousal Support More Human

Redesigning a Public Sector Intranet and Employee Experience

Outwitly worked with a Crown Corporation to streamline and modernize its intranet web portals (used by 5,000 employees) in order to create a single point of access with a more discoverable, shareable, and engaging user experience for staff. We helped our client move from 8 disparate internal systems down to one.

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Making the Journey for Child and Spousal Support More Human

Outwitly was engaged over 10 months to improve the customer experience of an online government service for citizens seeking child or spousal support, provide recommendations for its reinvention, and lead its complete redesign. Our task was to reduce manual processes with automated/efficient systems, reduce call volume, improve case load, and improve user experience by providing meaningful case information to citizens in an easy-to-access and modern online portal.

Read the case study
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I will always give Outwitly 5 gold stars. I have enjoyed working with their UX team and appreciate their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. I can’t wait to work with them again!

Senior IT Professional, Federal Crown Corporation

I showed the app Outwitly created to our Deputy Minister… She was thrilled with how nice it looked and the simple layout of information. She is excited for how useful the clients will find the new service.

Executive Director, Provincial Government Department

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